Nadech’s free time at Grandpa Urban Farm

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22-July- 2019, Nadech Kukimiya, a Thai actor and superstar came to visit Grandpa Urban Farm with his friends to learn more about how to grow food in the city. He and his friends spent time around 2 hours for visiting. They were very interested in vermicomposting and doing fermented juice. Also, they like the idea of the sustainability of Grandpa […]

Sansiri Green – Organic vegetable gardening workshop

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12 May 2019-According to the new model “Sansiri Green Mission” to set a new standard for the country’s real estate industry in terms of sustainable environmental responsibility. Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sansiri (Public) Company Limited aims to encourage Sansiri team to learn about city farming and green living. Last Sunday 12th May 2019, Sansiri team visited […]

AgroVeloCity’s an amazing journey for urban farm film

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24 March 19  –  We had a glad meeting with 4 visitors from AgroVeloCity team, an association of French students specialized in urban farming. Their aim is to produce the first documentary on the forms and stakes of urban agriculture in East Asia, through a journey of more than 4,000 km entirely by bicycle through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and […]

“Open house day” Learn more about Eco living in the city

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4 March 2019, We would like to thank you all visitors for joining the “Open house day” First, Thai students from Kasetsart University, they came for doing research about the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Secondary, a group of nine Master students of Geography from the University of Erlangen, Germany. They are currently doing a small field trip through Southeast Asia. […]

Experience sharing for the SHOM group

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22 Feb 19-Again, we are delighted and very honored to share our experience on self-sufficient and organic gardening for the SHOM group (spouses of heads of mission/Ambassadors), at the Dutch Residence. We would like to thank you Madam Rade, the spouse of the Dutch Ambassador for your invitation.

Earthworm raising for earthworm compost and food waste management

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•put the earthworm in tank 5inches-heightblackbasin,drawer or cement One basincan raise 500 earthworms or about 2 kilograms of earthworms •for preventing the earthworm crawl out , Cover with the plastic net and it also help to protect ant and insect , sunlight -1stlayer :manure -2ndlayer : vegetables 3rdlayer : sunlight protector such as coconut shell powder , newspaper  , leaves Food […]