About us

We are a non-profit environmental organization. The model of organic urban farming and a learning center mobilizing urban dwellers to produce organic food, renewable energy, in order to promote self-sufficiency and self-reliance in an urban area.

our courses

We organize workshops in several concerned topics around 2-3 workshops per month. We continuously operate our courses in last 6 years until present. There are more than 600 participants join the workshops in a year.

If you are interested to visit our urban farm or join workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Individual or group of visitors, organization, company, and school are welcome.

Mobile Unit

Not only our course, our mobile unit team provides self-reliance workshops for community and organization.


We are pleased to be a coach for an organization which has the same purpose like us; self-sufficiency, produce non-chemical vegetable and distribute sustainable living for surrounding community.


Singapore – Thailand Leadership Development Programme

11 Sep 2019-  We would like to thank you Thai and Singaporean  Civil savants who participate”Singapore – Thailand Leadership Development Programme” by The Cooperation between the Thai Office of the Civil Service Commission, Service College, and Public Service Division from Singapore. We had a good time to exchange and discuss how local agricultural innovations, the concept of urban metabolism, and […]

Nadech’s free time at Grandpa Urban Farm

22-July- 2019, Nadech Kukimiya, a Thai actor and superstar came to visit Grandpa Urban Farm with his friends to learn more about how to grow food in the city. He and his friends spent time around 2 hours for visiting. They were very interested in vermicomposting and doing fermented juice. Also, they like the idea of the sustainability of Grandpa […]

City farm Talk with The Dutch Society

30 May 2019-Once again! It truly was a great honor for the team at Grandpa Urban Farm this past Thursday, 30 May 2019 to have received an invitation to give a brief presentation for members of the Dutch Society Thailand about our city farm experience.

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