“Open house day” Learn more about Eco living in the city

4 March 2019, We would like to thank you all visitors for joining the “Open house day” First, Thai students from Kasetsart University, they came for doing research about the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Secondary, a group of nine Master students of Geography from the University of Erlangen, Germany. They are currently doing a small field trip through Southeast Asia. During their trip, they visited Singapore and Bangkok to meet initiatives that are committed to the preservation of green spaces in the city and urban agriculture.

We had a small walk tour around Grandpa Urban Farm and discussed how we are dealing with food security in the city and disaster management and urban development. Also, we shared about the differences between Singapore and Bangkok.

Clearly, the difference is Singapore has funds and laws to support this aspect. Most of the modern technology is used in urban agriculture. Meanwhile, many urban farms in Bangkok are privately owned and there are not many funds and legal to support them. However, many appropriate technologies are integrated into the urban farm in Bangkok. That’s a very interesting issue.